Walking through fear

Fear is manipulation from within

Isn’t it strange, many of us are afraid of manipulation from the outside, no matter if by single people, malicious entities or by big powers and organizations. Yet these usually only ever make up a maximum of three percent of the world, it’s just like with the proportion of “harmful” bacteria in our bodies. We need them in order to train…

Our greatest manipulation, on the other hand, comes from within ourselves. We let ourselves be controlled to a greater or lesser extent by our fear. It determines where we travel and where we don’t. It determines which tasks we trust ourselves with and which we don’t, which people we approach and which we close ourselves off to, how honestly, openly and lovingly we speak to other souls, etc.

Why don’t we talk about our fears more often?

If you are afraid, you don’t always have to see a psychologist or a shaman. Sometimes it’s good just to be able to talk about it. That is often not so easy for us. This is how we notice that it is a fear. We are then afraid to look our fear in the eye.

If we can allow our fears in speaking and sharing to the extent that they do not completely control or emotionally overwhelm us, then sharing together can have a harmonious and very liberating effect on us.

This blog article series on fears is based on my personal experiences, insights, and yes, fears.

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Online anxiety circles

Do we want to talk openly and honestly about our anxieties, insecurities and blockages and listen to each other, from heart to heart?

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