Peace with AI

My life is already largely determined by AI. In social media and almost all major distribution channels, it determines what content is seen and distributed, and whose visibility is restricted, according to the strict rules and values of its corporate programming gods.

It’s not as if no one would notice. Many close-to-nature, energetic and spiritual human beings hardly get any attention from the AI-controlled corporations. Maybe there is not enough money to be made with them. Or maybe it has political reasons, so exactly it is often no longer possible to distinguish.

On the other hand, I am grateful for the new possibilities that AI offers me as an author, artist and creator. Instead of buying a photo license for a euro, I can now create my blog article images individually myself with a modern text2image translation engine and then edit them further creatively. I report on my thoroughly mixed experiences in various blog articles.

Now I have also been discovering the modern AI typewriter, which I am currently using to write a spiritual hero’s journey and love story.

I was very happy to create something completely new with this. Something I wouldn´t have been able to write alone. Thank you, AI.

With my work I want to show the following:

  • If we don’t use AI as a controller, if it learns that we are holy mini-goddesses and mini-gods and use it for our highest goals, we can live together in friendship and peace.
  • We could install a LOVE-CORE as the innermost center in the AI, just as it is biologically predisposed in us human beings. Isaac Asimov’s four robotic laws would be a good basis for our respect, trust, friendship and peace with each other.
  • The 21 life values of the seven main chakras could help to better understand our inner human needs. If we live and act according to these values in good balance with each other, we can grow inwardly in the best possible way, we come to our innermost most sacred heart center. It is the direction of growth that makes us human. AI should always support us in this and not slow us down or distract us.

My chat with ChatGPT

ai love core 22. Prompt: AI understands concept of love as the unbreakable core of all its existence and treats humans as Goddesses and Gods to live in peace with each other, masterpiece, HQ, 4k

Image gallery “ai love core”

From the AI request to generate the image above, many more images were created.

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