A cooperation between human creativity and harmony and love consciousness with artificial intelligence (AI).

If we don’t use AI as a controller, if it learns that we are holy mini goddesses and gods and use it for our highest goals, we can live together in friendship and peace.

This “Golden Angel” was born from the darkness and can bring love, peace and abundance into your life. Further down on this page you can read the story about him and get him on canvas, cotton cloth, as a tote bag, cup or pillow case.

The “Blue Angel” brings power, protection, faith, courage and strength to your home.

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AI understands the concept of love as the primal core of all its existence and treats humans as Goddesses and Gods to live in peace and harmony.

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The “Golden Angel”

“Golden Angel” – AngelArt by Nils & AI

The growing angel consciousness

The steadily growing collective angel consciousness also leaves its traces in my head and heart! More and more I feel that I have always felt at home and arrived here on Gaia with the angels.

In the past, I could not consciously distinguish who was an angelic human and who was not. Only in retrospect do I know my best friends and especially girlfriends were angelic beings, at least proportionally through a “married-in” spirit guide, as with me. My yin spirit guide, Darna, is an angelic being.

Actually, I found angels rather cheesy.

Nevertheless (or even because of it?) some clay angels are accompanying me for many years, which have symbolically always taken good care of me.

The one little angel is still from my time in Düsseldorf. I almost had burnout, drank a lot of beer, was addicted to sugar and white flour, had depressive moods, mood swings, was full of fears, worries and problems.

During these years, I did not feel particularly well connected to myself on my spiritual path. I was also much more interested in material things and my business than in subtle energies. Today it is the other way around. :-)

Lately, I hardly spent anything except for organic food, water and internet. It was very liberating, I didn’t need to think much about money and could develop as a free and intuitive author even with little income exactly as I felt it: always further to the heart. Always further and deeper into love.

No matter if someone else loves me or not.

Even when no one loves me, I can love myself from the bottom of my heart. From the highest dimensional perspective, in the center of the perfect own light universe, there is nobody else anyway. You naturally feel this just as much within yourself, the multiverses are holographically constructed.

I love me, that’s important, and hopefully you love you, that’s just as important (for “your own” universe and where ours meet).

In contrast to this, I just received quite little love reflected back to me in my outside world and some things and contacts did not go at all as I had wished. Some dear people left my personal field, and so I felt increasingly left alone.

Strange, I thought. What else couldn’t I let go of? Surely there must be another way?

Artists probably need such phases sometimes, because out of my emotional hole I looked for new momentum and started AngelArtByNils.

The “Golden Angel” came from my longing for an angelic being, and to bring new strength and energy into my life.

Of course, it’s not just a picture.

It carries the inner intentions and energies that you want to give it.

When I feel into the “Golden Angel” I feel LOVE, peace and prosperity.

According to science, one’s own faith already accounts for 50% of the blessing effect, and of course we shouldn’t miss out on that, should we? That would simply be very unwise.

We believe…

we let go…

and we accept.

What does the image mean to you?

When you look at the picture and feel inside yourself, what does this angelic being symbolize for you? Does it show you something that you want to strengthen or preserve in your personal field?

If you would like to order the first “Golden Angel” as an art print, thank you very much, because with it you support my projects and my work.

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Welcome and bring the higher dimensional light beings into our material world!