We bring light

We are. We are many. Angelic humans and those who resonate with us in their hearts show up and share their personal stories, projects and offerings. Loving, authentic and honest.

Angels have amazing energetic healing and blessing powers. Most are only slightly aware of this. … I just wrote for a new book. I am Nils, intuitive book author.

If we recognize ourselves in our hearts as angelic humans, if we remember our origin, our wonderful frequencies and energies and our light-filled beauty, then together we can discover our powers that we bring into this world.

Let us remember who we are and why we are here.

Am I an angelic human?

The knowledge about the angelic human in me is more a feeling and sensing. With me it is Darna, she is always there. And I feel many others around me.

Everyone feels the inner oneness with angels in a different, very personal way.

If the texts on this website resonate with you, you may feel an angelic part within you. Perhaps one of your spirit guides is from the angelic realm, as it is with me. Or maybe you are also an angel in your core of origin. It makes little difference. If you carry this frequency, then it is in you, you vibrate with it, you feel similar to other angelic humans.

Maybe you are also a Gaia human, but you feel so attracted to angel vibrations that you also perceive them as a part of your inner being. We are multidimensional light humans, how much part Gaia human, star traveler or angel is not relevant.

Important is that you feel LOVE inside of you and that you can expand it.

Follow the signs and listen into your inner center. You will find your answer.

How do Gaia humans differ from angelic humans?

Ascending Gaia humans develop from incarnation to incarnation further “upward”. Actually inward, they let go more and more of the deceptions of the world, they go further and further into their heart center and find there the access to their higher vibrating parts.

Angelic humans come from the other direction, from the inside of their higher dimensional spiritual home they have materialized more and more to the outside to experience this special time of the Great Change in a human body.

Angelic humans do not need to reach out for the higher consciousness. It is rather a remembering of what they have always carried within themselves.

What makes us different?

Photo by Iris

We are usually very good empaths, we can not only feel the pain of the world, but also the shadow issues, fears and dramas of our fellow human beings, if we let go of our ego, if we open up and tune in. But we can also empathize with their joy, their love and their inner ecstasy if we allow ourselves to.

We are like the Machi, priest doctors of the Mapuche, they are described as healers, counselors and energetic protectors.

We come from dimensions that are more loving and light than Earth has been. Man-made systems often seem too narrow and too cold to us, because we feel and search for freedom and expanse, with simultaneous closeness and connectedness.

Many angelic humans have received special gifts when materializing into a human body. Often these are abilities that we have been doing automatically for a very long time and therefore possibly hardly notice ourselves. Sometimes they are also inner knowledge and practices, which have fallen to us intuitively or sent by the universe at some point and which already felt quite natural after trying them out twice.

If we find our gifts and powers and become aware of them, we can work wonders with them!

Inner healing through our being

Many sensitive humans can feel our inner luminosity. They sit down next to us and like to stay in our personal vicinity. Sometimes, through our existence and presence (whether physical or mental), we already trigger inner processes that were previously blocked.

Many of us like to listen, others prefer to speak for themselves, stories from their personal lives, sometimes interwoven with messages. But when we empathize and connect on a deeper level, we sense that it is primarily about the magic and energetic frequencies behind our words. These can bring about inner healing and blessing when the heart is open to it.

Eye gazing meditations

An eye gazing meditation with an angelic human, experienced together or recorded as a video, can reach deep hidden inner layers, sometimes triggering a direct emotional reaction. If you want, you can also allow tears, whether from pain or from joy and love.

Let yourself be guided, let go, accept. There is nothing more to do during an eye meditation. Above all: Let go of your head, let go of interpreting. Accept and simply FEEL.