• Free conscious love
    This article first appeared on my blog at In our world of love, we are used to finding a partner for the whole. EVERYTHING must be right: Appearance, weight, height, figure, shape and size of genitals, smell, taste, hobbies, eating habits, career prospects, desire for children, and whatnot. With so many mental specifications that… Read more: Free conscious love
  • Conscious Togetherness
    This article was first published on my blog on The image is part of my new Mystical Cave Art series that I create with human creativity and AI software, in order to bring peace between humans and database-driven software code. Love Abundance For creating this New World in a safe, creative, colourful and loving way, we… Read more: Conscious Togetherness
  • Thank you for your perspective!
    This text was first published in my Healer & Creator blog. Thank you, dear conversation partner, when you show me a different perspective than my own. That’s exactly why I exchange with you! I love this exchange of perspectives. If we so choose, we can refine or improve our own perspective with the additional input.… Read more: Thank you for your perspective!
  • What is coming in 2023…?
    No expectations. Everything will be new! We become mini gods. When I asked my spirit guides Darna and Natushohin for more clarity to better understand what wants to happen at the beginning of 2023, I got some answers. Because of my angelic gifts, I can see several growth opportunities and directions for my personal life… Read more: What is coming in 2023…?
  • “They” (a poem)
    They accompany youthrough space and time.They are with you,at all times. They guard andprotect you.Take care of you,no matter where you are. They give you:Love, strength andsecurity,in the still sogreat loneliness.They get you,from the deepestand emptiest darkness. They give you:Courage, hopeand confidence.They stand by you,close very close. They love you,just as you are.They envelop youin… Read more: “They” (a poem)
  • When the golden goddesses and gods awaken…
    You are a very powerful mini goddess or mini god. You create all the circumstances and situations and mirror souls around you. What we call “our life” is one big, long, sacred ceremony. Everything is connected, everything happens simultaneously. There are no coincidences, only synchronicities, signs and wonders to guide you. We are all here… Read more: When the golden goddesses and gods awaken…
  • Divine Will and Human Will
    From a certain perspective, I have been able to learn in recent years and months to become better and better at no longer needing anything, no longer having to do anything, only being allowed to BE. Letting go and accepting. The stories then develop by themselves in my environment, I can sit back and watch,… Read more: Divine Will and Human Will
  • Your heart is your true brain
    Start to stop using your brain, stop listening to what it is trying to force. Stop always and constantly thinking about whatever. Start turning off this brain, let it run in the background, so that only the natural processes and everyday actions such as: Brushing teeth, eating and drinking, cooking, walking and everything else that… Read more: Your heart is your true brain
  • Opening the heart chakra further and further
    In order to come into self-love, we can say to ourselves over and over again, “I love you,” along with our own first name. If we feel these words in our hearts while saying them, and at the same time perceive how good it feels to receive them, it can have a great effect on… Read more: Opening the heart chakra further and further
  • Interview with an angelic human: Dorilys
    Dear Dorilys, since when do you feel you could be an angelic human or have a special connection to angelic beings? Do you remember certain key experiences? Am I an angelic human? The question actually did not even occur to me until recently. But everything I read about it fits me exactly. So yes, I… Read more: Interview with an angelic human: Dorilys
  • Step by step towards the little fear monsters
    We can’t always be as gentle with dramatizing, possessive, and blocking fears as we are with our other human facets. It’s almost as if these inner little fear monsters have an ego of their own, because they pull and tug at us until we can finally let them go. What a liberation that is every… Read more: Step by step towards the little fear monsters
  • My gifts as an angelic human: Nils
    Different from “normal” I have always felt. My yin spirit guide is an angelic being. My yang spirit guide is a star traveller, my personal primal core comes from Gaia. In this respect I am a rather colorful mixture. It is not always easy to get all parts under one hat…
  • How do I find the fear within me?
    Often we do not know that we are controlled by a fear. It is like an invisible subtle being that hides in our shadow and dictates important decisions to us from there. When we are afraid of these fear shadow beings within us, we often cannot and will not perceive them. And that is perfectly… Read more: How do I find the fear within me?
  • The angelic human longing for freedom
    Angelic humans usually long for freedom more intensely than other souls. The order-keeping systems around us and in our head then feel too boxed in. We want to breathe, live, love! Other human beings then tell us that in order to be “normal” we have to adapt. As particularly sensitive and open-hearted human beings, we… Read more: The angelic human longing for freedom
  • My gifts as an angelic human: Nicole
    This I have noticed in myself:
  • Anette’s dark angel
    When I saw the dark angel in the morning when I woke up, I was not afraid. I was so in connectedness that I could just observe. The information and my perception was: Paint it out of you, that you can also see it as a picture, here in the opposite, in the polarity, in… Read more: Anette’s dark angel
  • AI versus multidimensional human light beings?
    A new class struggle among the light humans After two dear angelic friends had already expressed great concerns about “Artificial Intelligence” (AI), and it seemed like I had a completely different perspective, I felt my way deeper into the topic. Beware, trigger: anyone who uses any service of the big tech companies (Facebook, YouTube, Google,…)… Read more: AI versus multidimensional human light beings?
  • Light, darkness and gloom
    There is a great difference between the “good” darkness of “evil” and the really bitter, icy, blackest gloom, which, however, only a few souls know, coming from a different origin than most earthling souls. Angelic souls know the difference when they can remember their true being. For their energy consists of light and some darkness,… Read more: Light, darkness and gloom
  • Fears of one’s own reflection
    Sometimes we shut the door on loving people because it burdens our comfort zone, because we are triggered and something stings emotionally, wants to be healed, but we don’t understand it or don’t want to because there are other things going on at the moment. So we say no and close the door, certainly often… Read more: Fears of one’s own reflection
  • Like in the past: Open women’s circles
    I am waiting for the day when the first sacred women’s circle near me will be opened to 1-2 men as guest visitors, as they did in the old days. Only in our “modern” times the women’s circles are strictly closed, it was one of the patriarchal rules they were taught that way from the… Read more: Like in the past: Open women’s circles
  • Our little fear monsters
    When a fear sits within us and makes decisions, whether openly and head-on or hidden from the shadowy existence, it is like a little monster inside us, like an astral entity in dull, pale and gloomy colors that wants to take more or less possession of us and cover our bright, colorful colors. How much… Read more: Our little fear monsters
  • We are mini gods-to-be
    The question came up whether I would block out negativity from my horizon of consciousness. Yes, I do, through my natural inward growth quite automatically. After I realized what world I was creating around me when I was still emotionally addicted to “alternative” media, I decided to increasingly focus my consciousness on my innermost, most… Read more: We are mini gods-to-be
  • Fear is the biggest taboo topic
    Many people now talk openly about their sexuality, as long as there is a certain basic trust. But we do not like to talk about our fears, they are our biggest collective taboo topic. If we came back from our multidimensional night journeys as a child and in the intensely witnessed dream there was something… Read more: Fear is the biggest taboo topic
  • No fear of egocentric forces
    Some call them “evil powers,” but they do not deserve this designation for two reasons: By way of explanation: A multitude of “good” bacteria and microorganisms live in our physical body temple realm. Without them, survival would be difficult or even impossible for us. They take care of our well-being. We could also call the… Read more: No fear of egocentric forces
  • The angelic human fear of being seen
    We angelic humans would perhaps not always immediately describe ourselves as fearful. But with many things we are very cautious. We have a very special caution when it comes to showing ourselves. We are not used to that at all. In the last millennias we could only hidden and secretly work or heal energetically. If… Read more: The angelic human fear of being seen
  • Going through the fears…
    Fear can paralyze our inner growth like no other negatively polarized force. Equally, however, it can be our greatest springboard if we learn to use it. When we internally go through fear, we become stronger than ever before. Again and again, with each new experience. Fears help us if we can accept them as helpers.… Read more: Going through the fears…
  • The angelic human frequency
    About intuitive intuitions and personal encounters the topic of the angelic humans (*) came to me a few months ago. Since then I feel more and more clearly which dear human beings in my life carry exactly this special frequency with them, who of my friends and contacts is not on the way from the… Read more: The angelic human frequency
  • The emotional pain of angelic humans
    (This article was also pulished in the Healer & Creator blog) When angelic humans go through a crisis or a great challenging transformation, they do it for real! They embody the crisis, they live it out fully, with their whole being. Some say they go through hell inside. Others describe it as losing themselves, but… Read more: The emotional pain of angelic humans
  • The shamanic healing powers of angelic humans
    The white lily opened its blossom on the day of my writing, I took the photo at night. White lilies are one of the most important flower symbols of Christianity and represent beauty, purity, fertility, transformation, new beginning/rebirth and devotion. (This article was also pulished in the Healer & Creator blog) In front of my inner… Read more: The shamanic healing powers of angelic humans
  • Angelic humans
    (This article was also pulished in the Healer & Creator blog) Angelic humans or “Fallen Angels” do not need to burrow through the materiality of this world in order to develop further “upwards” (or inwards) in the spiral of consciousness and dimensions. They already come from the direction of the higher/internal dimensions. They come down… Read more: Angelic humans
  • Fallen angels
    (This article was also pulished in the Healer & Creator blog) I have stumbled across the term somewhere several times, but I had never really understood the concept until now. Thanks to some intuitive insights and conversations with friends, I could now understand how a so-called fallen angel might feel: Maybe it will surprise you. There… Read more: Fallen angels