Step by step towards the little fear monsters

We can’t always be as gentle with dramatizing, possessive, and blocking fears as we are with our other human facets. It’s almost as if these inner little fear monsters have an ego of their own, because they pull and tug at us until we can finally let them go.

What a liberation that is every time, after each released monster I feel that! I am then lighter, freer, more conscious, more energetic.

Most of the fear monsters avoid me, if I simply continue to move in the direction that my inner heart center has chosen as right and good.

I feel and sense this path energetically again and again. Does it feel good and right? Then I go further.

The little monster that may have just been present then withdraws, dissolves, transforms or even helps me from now on as an energetic companion on my path.

When the fear leaves, my heart becomes wider and more open.

Recently, I was scheduled to go on a trip with my dear angel friend. Before we left, I had clear memories of a long forgotten, confusing nightmare I had about 6-12 months before.

My mind kept wanting to revisit this anxiety-provoking story, which all of a sudden felt like a premonition. I was especially aware that morning, feeling into every sign I saw.

Should I change the destination of the trip because I suspected something might happen that I would not be able to control?

But that would have meant I believed the fear and followed that direction. On the other hand, I also felt very confident and self-assured that I would have the situation under control with the right heart vision, and that I could then accept everything “as it is intended”.

There was a story there, something that could happen, I “remembered” that now. But the HOW, that was still open and was above all also up to me, how I would deal with the situation. All morning I had an inner conversation with my spirit guides.

Again and again I was shown that I had to go through the fear and into love and trust. I asked my guides to let this thing happen best energetically within me, without others noticing.

I knew I could set symbolic anchors that led in a safe direction. So, intuitively guided, I added a few slices of carrots to the fruit salad, and I wore my tiger eye bracelet, both very grounding. With these symbolically set signs, which were at the same time also subtly / energetically effective, I felt safe.

Everything will be fine, Nils, don’t you know!, the words of another angel friend sounded in my ears. On the way there, this statement was additionally underlined by some words in a song in a similar way. I felt good and did not need to worry. The good version of my vision was going to come true, and how it turned out I could control with my heart chakra.

My surroundings signaled to me it was going to be a special day. When we got into the car, it was 11:11 and a bird was singing very strange sounds that I had never heard before in my life.

Everything went wonderfully! I stayed the whole day completely without fear in my heart, in between always cheered on by my dear companion. Nothing happened except that I could open my heart further. Nothing more needed to happen at all.

The only thing that mattered was that I could have this experience: If I go into fear, I create nightmares. If I go towards the fears, but stay in love, then I create light. Everything will be fine.

Or in reference to the wonderful angel woman Astrid Lindgren: We build the world, widdle widdle wid, as we like it!


As an intuitive author, I feel the inner unity with my spirit guides Natushohin, a star traveller, and Darna, an angelic being. This helps me manifest the words that answer my inner questions while writing.