Angelic awakening: We are here

Angelic humans introduce themselves personally, write about their gifts and their fine feelings and their sense for humans, animals, spirits or for Gaia. (Read more…)

Walking through fear

Inspired by consciously feeling my fears, I began intuitively writing about the topic. Because hidden behind our fears is the fastest path to inner growth and healing! (Read more…)

Gaias Awakening

A spiritual transformation game on Telegram. In 29* days let go, accept, come into WE consciousness and gratitude. (Read more…)

Peace with AI

AI needs a LOVE CORE. (Read more…)


AngelArt shows a harmonious cooperation between human creativity and AI. (Read more…)

High Priestess of Sanuela

Don´t be afraid of becoming your highest and deepest light and love. Trust and follow. In freeing yourself, you will free the others.

A fire fairy butterfly, spirit and keeper of the flames, offers the young woman Ayana to follow the calling of her inner prophecy to become a High Priestess of Sanuela. Will she be able to develop her spiritual and energetic abilities and take on the great responsibility to create beautiful visions of love for the good of Sanuela? (Read more…)