Angelic awakening: We are here

Dear angelic humans!

Now is the time when we show ourselves more, step by step. The old lets go, it crusts, freezes or dissolves almost by itself. The new is emerging. We are part of this new. We can now appreciate and use our light-filled gifts and share them with each other.

Angelic humans are now allowed to show themselves. Each soul in such a way, as it fits to the own development. And always from the heart.

We may show ourselves as we are

How beautiful it is that we angelic humans can now recognize, exchange and connect. We show ourselves as we really are, unvarnished. We also show what gifts we bring with us, what challenges we deal with, and what we are learning from life right now.

We can show ourselves now because the mainstream world is busy and has little sense for “weird eso stuff” right now ;-). Our websites and names are filtered out by the algorithms of the big tech companies anyway. We are mostly among ourselves.

The electronic “don’t read from esotericists!” shielding of the last few years has helped me enormously on my path as an intuitive author. I was allowed to open up more and more, I was able to put aside my fears, and describe my path as I walk it.

I could allow and honestly write about what I feel and perceive, and how the world changes when we change with it and for it. It does good when I can accept myself as I am and show myself openly, it is lived self-love.

Letting go and accepting. Let’s use the protected haze of the gigantic Internet and create a small island full of light, where we are allowed to BE as we are.

I am happy about every angelic human who wants to be part of the common showing. Please contact me via email.

To make writing easier, I can send you some questions to write your answers to. Or perhaps you might just like to make a list of what special gifts you sense or know of within you?

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Do you want to support our project and show yourself as well? Write an email to Nils.

Another way of showing…

In the planned Telegram game Gaia’s Awakening, Gaia (Pachamama, Mother Earth,…) and the angelic humans show themselves.


The “Golden Angel”
Fluffy Angels 08
Shamanic Angel Cat 02

More angel art…