My gifts as an angelic human: Nicole

This I have noticed in myself:

  • Now and then I can hear souls or light beings. I have also already spoken with them. With Dad even on the radio, where he spoke to me about the frequency.
  • Can smell whether positive or negative energies, frequencies and beings are there, can feel and sense them.
  • Have different goose bump sensations. A good feeling, loving, pleasant, familiar, tingling, warm goosebumps for positive. For negatives, it’s an icy, cold, sore, pain-inflicting, uncomfortable goosebumps with extreme caution-watch-out-feelings… Feel both pretty much every day at almost all times. Even when it’s 40 degrees where everyone finds it too much, I sit there in the thickest winter clothes and blankets. Lately this is getting stronger, more intense and longer.
  • I have also seen angels, but also the Lord of Evil or completely deep black beings that looked like a human and carried a suitcase or something and waved at me. My cat always growled at these black beings and when I looked away for a moment and back there, they were gone and my cat stopped growling.
  • Feel energetic fields and changes from time to time. Sometimes I notice the frequencies and vibrations of the environment very strongly in the entire body, how everything throbs and pulsates in it or I perceive these vibrating impulses through my feet (even when I have socks and shoes on) and hands.
  • It is very extreme during storms or thunderstorms. There I feel every vibration or that the walls shake, even on higher floors.
  • I dream things that become reality or are ongoing. Or I dream it again after some time, partly slightly changed, but the basic approach is the same. Often they are also extremely real. Also often can’t tell if I’m dreaming or it’s reality because it feels so real. Or I feel like I already know this moment because I have already dreamed it or lived it.
  • I have a very special, intimate and close connection to animals, especially cats. Understand them also often and talk to them, and we are like one.
  • Also continue to like dogs, white wolves, lynxes, owls, horses, pegasus, unicorns, angels, dragons, tigers, lions, leopards, cheetahs, pumas and black panthers very much.
  • I sense things that will come true. Or foresee them because my inner voice says it to me.
  • I can partially reproduce at the same time the words that another person says. Or know what they are thinking and feeling when I am very focused on one person.
  • I perceive messages sent to me by energies and beings “above” us. Sometimes I think I know what it means because my heart tells me.
  • I hear very strongly my inner soul, how it speaks to me and I with it. She is my thinking. When she is silent, it is quiet and empty inside me. Partly she also steps forward and speaks with my voice to the earthlings to tell them something. Partly I notice it only later.
  • I am someone who does not live or act by head, but from the heart and my soul, what it/she tells me and how I feel.
  • If there are several things to choose from, I close my eyes, go with my hand over it, back and forth, until it stops by itself, it becomes warm, it tingles so beautifully, twitches, I feel an energetic change or similar. Or do the same with my eyes and then choose this.
  • My outgoing energy must also be very strong or different. When I am near light things, they often start dancing or stick to me because of my energy. Am also often extremely electrically charged and no matter what I touch, whether earthlings, animals, objects, plants, even without touching anything, just like that it crackles and cracks loudly. Sometimes I or we both get an electric shock. It is sometimes so strong that visible bluish or white flashes arise.
  • In one exercise, I rubbed my hands and then held them apart, and I feel the energy building. The one time my cat came to it, put his head between my hands, his left front paw on my left hand and started to purr. After maybe 1-2 minutes he left. Another time my friend put his head between my hands, jerked up and called softly: Ow! That was now really odd and intense. I felt something very strong.
  • I can also interpret things, e.g. cards with pictures and text or horoscopes.
  • Since Dad’s departure, all this began to intensify, and I had the honor to experience very many spiritual experiences.
  • I know, and my soul also says it, that the part of my gifts that have already come to light is only a very small percentage of what is still dormant in me and still waiting to be activated. For many things the beginnings are already there, and they are just waiting to be nurtured.
  • I know I am different from the other earthlings on this planet. Not only by my coloboma in my eyes or my brown stripe going down from my belly button or my halux on each toe. Those are just external identifying features. I don’t feel human either, but something else that only took on the shell to be able to be here. It also often feels as if wings want to unfold, but they are inhibited by something. I also don’t feel as something whole, pure or perfect, neither as darkness, nor as light… like a mixture of everything.
  • Already as a small child I have always fought as a hero of light with my light stick swords or other light weapons against evil and dark grass tuft monsters, shrub demons or other forces of darkness, at the side of my only for me visible light companions. Have also always communicated and played with them, even with animals visible only to me. Later, when I was older and had a console, I loved to play role-playing games, where you are a light hero, helping others, doing tasks and fighting evil, or played farm games.
  • Oh yes, and black shadows that pass here and there, I also see more often. Also constantly notice that there is something, but do not know what. Sometimes it is near me, sometimes it surrounds me, sometimes it flits past me with a cold breeze or touches me.
  • Even my body is different in structure, especially my eyes have a different anatomy. But also all the nerve tracts are connected differently for me. If I hurt my foot, for example, my hand hurts or something else.
  • Who looks into my eyes and can see more, sees something gigantic in me and for what I am actually determined… But I don’t feel as something better, just that I am different. From the earthly shell and also from the inside.


I am a celestial being in a feathery robe and was sent to this planet with an important mission. In earthly shell form I am to bring love, light and messages to the earthlings.... So that you start to vibrate higher here on earth. I skillfully push the people forward.... So that our Gaia can ascend. With quite a lot of special gifts I am here.... In time, I will reveal them to you. Little by little, everything has been named to me from above.... I am a celestial being, known as the holy angel Seraphina-Seraphim.