My gifts as an angelic human: Nils

Different from “normal” I have always felt. My yin spirit guide is an angelic being. My yang spirit guide is a star traveller, my personal primal core comes from Gaia. In this respect I am a rather colorful mixture. It is not always easy to get all parts under one hat…

  • Even in my school days, I noticed that I was always one of the worst at memorizing and remembering. I thought that was a shortcoming. Only much later did I realize that my memory works differently. One thing or another gets blurred in the past, but I can see into my personal future all the better for it.

    Since there are always many different growth possibilities in the future, I can choose the one that feels best and continue in that direction. We have to get used to so much personal responsibility.

    But I feel that this gift is a very natural one, and more and more I hear from others that they experience something similar. Everyone has this future-awareness a bit, in varying degrees of clarity. We say we have an “idea”, but often it is a “memory” of something that has already taken place in a future parallel world.
  • The world system here on Gaia always seemed too strict and too wrong and too untruthful to me. So all my life I got inspirations and insights how things can be experienced or done differently and more growth-promoting.
  • In intuitive writing, I connect with my spirit guides, with my avatar soul, or with Gaia, depending on what questions and inner processes I have and in what direction I sense my writing wants to go. I feel the constant oneness with them more and more.
  • By the intensity of my inner ear noises (some call them spherical or angelic singing) I can feel in which frequency level I am vibrating at the moment. With the help of this feedback I am able to change the vibration with intention and heart.
  • I feel the very special frequencies of other angelic humans relatively easily, in physical proximity often through a gentle vibration in my astral body. Over the distance I can also feel into it in a softened way, sometimes it is quite clear and sometimes not so clear.
  • I feel inwardly connected to an inner collective network of loving angelic souls. Some of them I know from this physical world, others I sense or imagine inwardly as nodes of a large, inner, energetic network. This network can protect us and show us the way. We only need to tune into it with a wide open heart chakra and we are “online”.
  • Maybe because I have dealt with my own fears very intensively, I can also feel the fears of others. It is not so easy to handle it, because if you have not yet recognized a fear in yourself, you are usually not ready to open your eyes to it or to talk about it.
  • When I connect with another human being internally, I can sometimes feel an extreme, intense love. I may look into the eyes of a dear angelic soul and my heart feels at ease, balanced and fulfilled.
  • It is a giving, non-judgmental, open and free love, an unconditional one. A love without fear of loss because all paths feel right. My heart will lead me right, so I trust!
  • My inner feeling of love drives everything I do. Sometimes it is super strong and intense, my heart literally “burns”, my astral body tingles and I feel a love that floods me and everything around me like waves. In these moments I feel unconditional love for myself and other souls.


As an intuitive author, I feel the inner unity with my spirit guides Natushohin, a star traveller, and Darna, an angelic being. This helps me manifest the words that answer my inner questions while writing.