Anette’s dark angel

When I saw the dark angel in the morning when I woke up, I was not afraid. I was so in connectedness that I could just observe. The information and my perception was: Paint it out of you, that you can also see it as a picture, here in the opposite, in the polarity, in the reflection.

Then I sat down in the bedroom, closed the door so that I had my peace, and just looked. At first I had closed my eyes, like when meditating. But the information came: Keep your eyes open, stay in contact, look at the picture and keep this contact.

So, I looked at the picture and it was so loving and touched my heart so strongly that the tears ran like a waterfall. Every now and then I wanted to close my eyes, but it kept coming: Open your eyes, stay in touch.

And then I got the info to close my eyes. I saw this angel, as I painted it, standing in front of me. I saw the angel in a heavenly temple, way up in the sky, in the cosmos, in the higher dimensions.

He stood with his back to me, looking into the distance. It was all open, there were no windows, it was a temple with columns. And it was so radiant and bright! I kept looking at this angel, and the way I painted it, the wings were closed at first.

And then I saw how the left wing suddenly opened very slowly. It was as if there was a person standing there, but I couldn’t see him. This wing laid down as if I were putting my arm around someone.

Suddenly I could see through this wing, although it was completely dark. And I saw myself standing there, I saw how this “dark” angel put his protective feathered wing around me and embraced me lovingly.

I rested my head against his shoulder, it was so touching…. I just cried, cried, cried, cried. While I was watching this angel put the wing around me as a protection, all of a sudden I saw white light appearing from the first feathers of the wing.

And it became lighter and lighter and lighter.

And all of a sudden, the whole left wing, was radiant, radiantly bright and white, very bright. Then it was quite exciting, in me was my perception: Wow, now the whole left side is illuminated and shines and glows. In me were the words: Oh look, how cool, from the black is now as in duality the side on the left white and the right side still dark, black.

Then it went chop, chop seconds over each other, that in this black and white, which is like split off and separated in the duality, all at once the Yin Yang sign showed up, which indeed merges into each other and with each other in the circle and is nevertheless still white and black.

Finally, it went on that over the head and over the right wing up into the tips everything became white. There was such a feeling in me, everything exploded or imploded in me. And I felt in me, the words came: It is completed!

It was in such a way that the from the color “dark” angels show themselves just in this shape, because they are much too glaring and too full of light for us in the condensed matter.

That was so beautiful, I just cried, cried, cried.

And then it was suddenly very clear: So, you can now experience your light body again, as it is, as I perceived it, in this bright radiance in the light, you can now experience it again. It is done and I am again this bright, shining angel.

That was really like an absolution for me, I am “through”. So not because I am so great and have solved my programs and everything. This dark being which I have painted, is from the energy of the feminine and the birthing.

Metaphorically speaking, I descended into this density, and I had to walk in the form of the dark angel, because I was too much light, too much bright, too much radiant as a light being.

I perceived very early, if people are near me and I do not build something like an “energetic protective bunker” around me, then they “burn” in my presence.

What I was allowed to perceive with my painted picture and in front of my inner eye, when I went into the connection with the “dark angel”, was one: I AM now again the one I have always been.

I am no longer “the wolf in sheep’s clothing”, but now I really AM the golden, radiant, shining angel again. Whereby black or white are not better or worse for me in duality, there is simply this one BEING.

Since then I feel in me: It may be!
I may show myself to the people again, as the one I truly AM!


Anette Seidler is a consciousness trainer & seminar leader for over 25 years, non-medical practitioner (psychotherapy), practices and teaches quantum healing, plays in the quantum field of unlimited possibilities, has been giving seminars & trainings at home and abroad since 1993, offers PowerCamps and transformation weeks in Tenerife and Mallorca and creates "new playing fields" with you in individual sessions.