Are you an ascending Gaia human, angelic human or star traveler?

Ascending Gaia human: They carry Gaia’s star seed within them. They are souls who have evolved “from the very bottom” over many incarnations on Gaia, who have gradually increased their consciousness and subtle energetic appearance, and who continue on this path.

Their motto is: Healing and growing, step by step. They are consistent, usually learn well by making mistakes, constantly improving both their inner and practical abilities.

We can think of them like the game characters in a fantasy computer game: They experience their own hero’s journey within themselves, improving step by step (incarnation by incarnation). They grow up to be masters and magicians or they become queens, priestesses or goddesses. One day they can become a star, a planet or a sun.

Angelic humans: souls originally from the purely energetic angelic realm of the eighth dimension. It is a realm of light and love, in WE consciousness, with a deep, inner connection with each other. That is why angelic humans usually recognize each other very quickly in their lives on Gaia, and they often like each other immediately and without reservation. The contact with other angels helps to balance the loneliness and the remoteness of the angelic realm.

Some of them have been living on Gaia for many incarnations and feel a strong connection with her.

About angelic humans you can find especially much information on these websites. They go through the greatest transformations in this time of change, when they remember their wonderful powers and resources and learn to trust them again step by step.

Photo by Tomas Anunziata

Star travelers: They carry the seed of another star within them. In some characteristics they are similar to angelic humans, in others to Gaia humans. Over long journeys in different consciousness and planetary systems they have developed and refined themselves until they were finally ready for a material incarnation on Earth.

Similar to angelic humans, they often feel a bit lonely and strange here on Gaia, because most people do not understand their often very different points of view. Some find them extravagant, aloof and sometimes a bit snobbish or arrogant, seeming elitist, sometimes narrow-minded.

Other star travelers seem in their way in some ways like children in need of help, actually very evolved, but in the simplest human concerns they get into trouble. Some even to such an extent that we judge them with various mental illness terms. This is equally true of angelic humans.

Star travelers can be incredibly versatile and different. They are often good and skilled in art and music, and many have good access to knowledge from distant galaxies or learn to read Gaia’s Akashic records.

And then the fractions come in…

Photo by esrageziyor

Angels can manage to get a body on earth by gradual densification. Accordingly, I then call them angelic humans. But also ascending Gaia humans can have one or more spirit guides brought with them from the angelic realm. If they take good care of their connection, if they learn not only to accept but also to love their angel, then they too will become angelic humans.

The same is true for the souls of the star travelers: Some have made long journeys through the manifold higher-dimensional worlds of the multiverses before deciding to incarnate in the material world of Mother Gaia.

Others are ascending Gaia humans, but may have experienced intimate contact with a star traveler or with angels in a past life or in the intermediate worlds and have since joined together. In alternate incarnations, they are then there for each other as spirit guides.

Thus there are ascending Gaia humans with star traveler or angelic parts, there are angels with Gaia or star wanderer fractions and star wanderers with angelic or Gaia parts. Depending on how much we allow ourselves to be taken into the worlds of our spiritual co-inhabitant, these parts are accepted and embodied in life to a greater or lesser extent.

In the end we understand: We are all different, but here in our humanity we meet and connect.

What are these thoughts doing to you?

Perhaps, while reading the texts on this website, you have already sensed in yourself in which direction your heart’s feeling wants to pull you? Do you feel a tingling, a goose bump when you read certain passages, do you feel personally addressed, does something resonate with you?

Angelic human? Star traveler? Ascending Gaia human? What do you feel in yourself, do you suspect a strong part of yourself, when you read the descriptions of these different directions of growth?

Photo by Hassan OUAJBIR

Well then, what do you do with this feeling? Do you trust it? Do you doubt? There is no “right” or “wrong” in your decision, but you decide with it in which direction you want to develop in the future.

There can be a backward step in your future world view, but it is rare. Most of the time you will stay with your now decided belief about yourself for a while until you learn something new again that expands this world view.

Has your feeling of loneliness in this world been traumatically reinforced by childhood experiences or does it stem from your distant soul background? Do you feel an inner longing for the angels, or is it a selfish desire of “wanting to have”? Or does it feel more like a “wanting to be together”?

Sometimes it is good to let the first thoughts and feelings rest for a while. Let’s just wait and see what Gaia and the surrounding universe has to say when we formulate an idea or a question. How will it react? With double-digits, synchronicities and confirmations? Or with straightening situations and confronting encounters? And how do we deal with these, in what direction do they lead us?

It is sometimes a longer process of acceptance: am I this, or am I that, perhaps proportionately? An ascender, angelic human or star traveler, or am I one thing for sure not? It is an inner growth process, sometimes there are doubts, everything may be, everything may be felt. If it is important for our growth path, Gaia and the universe will show it to us for sure, in ever tightening spirals of self-knowledge.

Let’s draw a tarot card. Let’s ask our shamanically interested friends. Let’s try a pendulum. Let’s go into nature, take off our shoes and socks, feel the ground of Mother Gaia and ask her directly: Gaia, do I come from you? Or from other dimensions?

If you trust that Gaia has a superior consciousness, you will also be able to trust that you will receive an answer, maybe instantly, maybe only after a few days of inner sensing.

Are you a (proportional?) angelic human?

Would you like to learn to unfold the sacred, inner angelic powers that have been lying dormant in you for a long time? Or would you like to experience the inner healing gifts of the angelic humans in your life, because you need additional support right now?

These websites are for seeking people, whether angelic humans, star travelers or ascending Gaia humans. We find each other, we show each other and we learn to come more into our power every day.