How do I find the fear within me?

Often we do not know that we are controlled by a fear. It is like an invisible subtle being that hides in our shadow and dictates important decisions to us from there.

When we are afraid of these fear shadow beings within us, we often cannot and will not perceive them. And that is perfectly fine the way it is. If we are not ready, then we wait to do so.

Gaia and our spirit guides will already steer us in the right direction when it becomes important for us. We can trust in them, they will guide us again and again to the same fear, so that we perceive it and “do something with it”, dissolve it, heal it, integrate it or transform it.

But what if we don’t feel anxious at all? Perhaps we have long since become accustomed to a certain degree of inner tension and protected restraint and do not notice how anxious and cautious we have become?

As an example, the constantly disinfecting and cleaning human being comes to mind, who is very afraid of the approximately three percent of “harmful” bacteria and other microorganisms and therefore cold-bloodedly kills everything in his environment. Out of fear.

A first, important indication of anxiety: Is it difficult to talk about a topic?

And exactly then it is good to find human beings with whom we can talk about it! Many of us have a trained and more or less pronounced fear to talk openly about sexuality and sensuality, to express our desires, to show our blockages and our vulnerability.

We may also not want to talk about our angelic human gifts because we feel a vague fear within us. Sometimes this is justified, especially if friends, family or our life partner cannot understand us.

On AH.O you can publish a text about yourself, your gifts or special qualities anonymously or with an imaginary name. This way you can show yourself without having to show yourself. This is also a good step towards opening up.

At other times and for other human beings, it is better if we open wide and share freely the angelic gifts we have brought. Because we feel: this is what we are here for!

After I confided in some friends, step by step I found it easier and easier to open myself wider and wider. It brings a great inner liberation. I no longer need to hide.


As an intuitive author, I feel the inner unity with my spirit guides Natushohin, a star traveller, and Darna, an angelic being. This helps me manifest the words that answer my inner questions while writing.