Fear is the biggest taboo topic

Many people now talk openly about their sexuality, as long as there is a certain basic trust. But we do not like to talk about our fears, they are our biggest collective taboo topic.

If we came back from our multidimensional night journeys as a child and in the intensely witnessed dream there was something threatening, bad, hurtful, then we were perhaps held in the arm and told not to be afraid, that it was “only a dream”.

Much later we find out that there are higher dimensional entities that are not friendly to us. When we then hear that we don’t need to be afraid, this may sound cynical and triggering at first.

And if someone tells us we are afraid of something and we don’t see it ourselves yet (because it is a shadow fear), we can sometimes react so fiercely to it that we even give up a long-term couple relationship, a project partnership or a hitherto beautiful friendship than look at the shadow fears.

I think that’s a shame, because where our fear resides is where we find our greatest potential for growth. Why don’t we help each other with that, give each other support and backing and strength? In the WE of a group of loving, like-minded souls, we can learn to walk through our fears step by step.

If we are willing to face the big taboo subject! Do we want to start such a group together?


As an intuitive author, I feel the inner unity with my spirit guides Natushohin, a star traveller, and Darna, an angelic being. This helps me manifest the words that answer my inner questions while writing.