Going through the fears…

Fear can paralyze our inner growth like no other negatively polarized force. Equally, however, it can be our greatest springboard if we learn to use it. When we internally go through fear, we become stronger than ever before. Again and again, with each new experience.

Fears help us if we can accept them as helpers.

We angelic humans are usually well aware of fears of all kinds. They are often one of the natural side effects of opening up. On our way we become more and more sensitive and are often quickly emotionally vulnerable. Then fear also quickly slips in when we still have the door open.

Fear then sometimes becomes so normal for us that we may not even notice it anymore, it is simply part of our experiential horizon. For a while my fear was fueled by “alternative” media on a daily basis. They programmed me wrong, they polarized me to fear. They were no “better” than the mainstream media. Once I realized that, I let them go.

Since then, I have lived with significantly less anxiety.

Just now I had the opportunity to consciously work with an emerging fear step by step.

For the new website angelic-humans.org (AH.O) I wanted to pay the now compulsively imposed way duty and order myself an SSL certificate “for more security”.

It didn’t work. I tried again and again. There was no error message, but the website kept asking me to try again in a few minutes.

After about the tenth click over several hours, an idea came to me. It built up inside me like a big, dark wall of fear, trying to convince me of its importance and rightness and wanted to take me over:

Maybe the ego-controlled (“evil”) powers know about my “remembered” vision of the future that this website will become very important for many angel souls one day? Maybe they have somehow technically prevented the SSL certificate authority from issuing a certificate for this website, so that as many readers as possible will see a Attention, dangerous! on the screen when they enter or google the address…?!

Do you know such thoughts or similar ones? The further we move forward on the spiritual path, the more I worry about those who have their heart center firmly closed. I know that many of my words can then trigger hard and perhaps even cause inner pain. So the assumption is near that someone wants to keep me from writing or becoming known.

That with the becoming known depends, as far as I may believe my three successive dreams before, on the adjusted values in the AI of the big tech companies. There, my personal rating was probably set a little lower “as a precaution”, so that I am not seen so much.

Photo by Pixabay

But another form of social internet punishment that goes beyond algorithms, would “they” go that far just because I have a few different views? Was it made artificially difficult for me to accomplish the work and mission I brought with me?

Or were these just spinning thoughts in my head that my ego made up and concocted? This time I looked more closely with the inner magnifying glass.

Then I felt through the different perspectives of truth. On the one hand, there was the fear-based theory. Then another, technical explanation came to mind: It was Sunday, maybe the server is hanging and the technician won’t look at it until Monday morning….

I decided that I could believe in that reason and thought to myself, hopefully by the next noon it should be working. This would give me clear proof that I was just making up some story to fuel my anxiety.

An entire industry feeds on people’s fears.

It is greedy, fear, like a multi-headed hydra. Most “modern” people satisfy their fear experience with movies and news. Those who are on the spiritual path and do not consume such media often project their fears onto their own environment.

They want to be seen, our fears! So we look. I looked at mine and focused my perception on the fact that it should be a temporary technical defect. I didn’t need to be afraid that anyone will hinder me, and I didn’t want to have any place in my universe for such thoughts, because they only create things that I don’t want.

When I still had no success with the certification the next noon, I asked the support via chat why there was a problem.

The reason for the non-functioning was quickly found. I had set the execute permissions of a check file on the server itself so that the SSL server could no longer access it.

My fear had been unjustified, more than that, I had created the technical impediment myself so that I could look my fear in the eye and say goodbye to it.

Photo by Harrison Haines

Accepting and letting go of fears

We feel the fear in a conscious way, we localize it in the (astral) body. If it is unjustified in the here and now and nothing can happen to us in the here and now, do we allow ourselves to let go of all the feelings associated with it with the next exhalation?

We can also return them to Gaia on the exhale, for example, through the parts of the body with which we feel our physical connection with her. This can be done very quickly within a flash of thought or a little more calmly with the next exhale.

We give thanks for the ego’s feeling and advice that we should look at one thing. Gratitude and our breath brings us to our heart center. There, fear no longer has power over us.


As an intuitive author, I feel the inner unity with my spirit guides Natushohin, a star traveller, and Darna, an angelic being. This helps me manifest the words that answer my inner questions while writing.