Your heart is your true brain

Start to stop using your brain, stop listening to what it is trying to force. Stop always and constantly thinking about whatever.

Start turning off this brain, let it run in the background, so that only the natural processes and everyday actions such as: Brushing teeth, eating and drinking, cooking, walking and everything else that belongs to it are controlled by the subconscious. Start to make your brain free and empty, like in meditation, yoga and so on.

Start again to see the world with toddler eyes, the true eyes of the heart. Start to go inside yourself, to feel inside yourself and start to listen to the voice of your heart.

Start doing what your heart wants: putting it first. Your heart is your true brain. Begin to appreciate the smallest things in life and be grateful for them, rejoice that you wake up early in the morning, you are well enough and alive.

Look out the window, rejoice in the weather, in animals you see, in nature, in your flowers, and so on. And be grateful that you can experience all this.

Start to be grateful about everything in your heart.

Start not to hide yourself under imposed masks, but be as you are. Because only in this way can you be sincere and honestly happy from the heart. Start loving and appreciating yourself as you actually are.

Start not hiding under imposed masks, but be the way you are and be happy. Whether others like it or not, screw it, because you don’t need this fake, sneaky and manipulated posturing.

What you need is yourself to be truly happy and content. Because what we really personally own here being on earth is our soul energy, our soul, our heart. That which all emanates from it.

Starting from this earthly shell / our body with all the trimmings – organs, nerve tracts, blood vessels and what else belongs to it. Overlapping to emotions and thoughts, how we are and to make the best and most beautiful out of what and how we can. Because everyone is an individual, special and unique.

Start to think and live and act and be like a little 3-4 year old child. These are the big steps to find yourself again.

What others say and think doesn’t matter.

If it doesn’t suit them, they should leave. Because then they are not important anyway and only a damaging burden for you, which only inhibits and wants to influence you.

What really counts and is important is the voice of your heart, your soul and your gut feeling, which can be 100% relied on and listened to. The important and precious souls appreciate the inner voice and stay with you in life or try to support and help you where and how they can, love you as you are and stand by you.

The voice of your heart is always right. Even if at first there may be a conflict between heart and brain, like a fight. Don’t fight and trust your heart. Even if it seems sometimes as if you had rather listened to the brain… After some time it becomes clear and you understand why you listened to your heart.

Also, don’t question things that seem strange to you, or you think you’re crazy and imagining it. Don’t look for logical or scientific explanations for something you don’t know.

All that is so different is real and the true higher celestial being from the higher energetic level of being with all its facets, energies and frequencies.

Very dear greetings from an original Seraph who came here in earthly cover.



As an intuitive author, I feel the inner unity with my spirit guides Natushohin, a star traveller, and Darna, an angelic being. This helps me manifest the words that answer my inner questions while writing.