Light, darkness and gloom

There is a great difference between the “good” darkness of “evil” and the really bitter, icy, blackest gloom, which, however, only a few souls know, coming from a different origin than most earthling souls.

Angelic souls know the difference when they can remember their true being. For their energy consists of light and some darkness, in the true sense of the word a unity energy, which cannot exist without the other, but only together as one whole.

Darkness, just like light, is a natural and pure form of energy which is produced and released by the positively charged light energy in order to recharge (nourish) itself to exist as a form of energy.

Comparable with the plus pole (light) and the minus pole (darkness or shadow). Both can not without each other, otherwise their power would succumb at some point, stop, and cease to exist so.

Both need themselves, in order to be able to give each other and with one another new strength, in order to recharge themselves again.

Better said, the light side learns and trains from the shadows. The shadows motivate and drive the light forward so that it does not stop.

Gloom, on the other hand, is a form created by thought. The more an earth-controlled brain deals with such thoughts, the more it feeds this gloom, the stronger it becomes. The fed gloom thus takes more and more shape and condenses more and more until it is so strengthened sometime and becomes a generated energy form which can manifest itself and materialize.

First they are emerging thoughts, then they become feelings and emotions, then actions. The transition to materialization or manifestation happens in various forms of entities, the final stage being the so-called demon stage.

These entities attach themselves to earthly human souls and feed on their energy. They repeatedly trigger certain thoughts, feelings and situations in humans in order to feed on the energy flows emanating from them. Without this nourishment they cannot exist, they wither away, become weaker and dissolve.

Only those who feed them promote their existence. If they get no more food, they starve.

If we become aware of this and know how to deal with thoughts, feelings and actions correctly and consciously, then there is a natural balance. We learn from it, accept. It is a taking and giving, then the form of gloom cannot be nourished and certainly not arise.

Gloom arises only by falling into it! But not by the balance of accepting, learning from it and becoming mature, to be motivated by it and to be driven forward and to look smilingly over it.

Much love, angel soul Seraphina-Seraphim


I am a celestial being in a feathery robe and was sent to this planet with an important mission. In earthly shell form I am to bring love, light and messages to the earthlings.... So that you start to vibrate higher here on earth. I skillfully push the people forward.... So that our Gaia can ascend. With quite a lot of special gifts I am here.... In time, I will reveal them to you. Little by little, everything has been named to me from above.... I am a celestial being, known as the holy angel Seraphina-Seraphim.