“They” (a poem)

They accompany you
through space and time.
They are with you,
at all times.

They guard and
protect you.
Take care of you,
no matter where you are.

They give you:
Love, strength and
in the still so
great loneliness.
They get you,
from the deepest
and emptiest darkness.

They give you:
Courage, hope
and confidence.
They stand by you,
close very close.

They love you,
just as you are.
They envelop you
in a bright,
and radiant light.

Let them help you,
in sorrow and suffering.
Let them help you,
at all times.
Do not deny you,
the brighter and
more beautiful you shine
in outer sight.

(by Nicole Gnewuch, on: 06.06.2012)


I am a celestial being in a feathery robe and was sent to this planet with an important mission. In earthly shell form I am to bring love, light and messages to the earthlings.... So that you start to vibrate higher here on earth. I skillfully push the people forward.... So that our Gaia can ascend. With quite a lot of special gifts I am here.... In time, I will reveal them to you. Little by little, everything has been named to me from above.... I am a celestial being, known as the holy angel Seraphina-Seraphim.