The angelic human longing for freedom

Angelic humans usually long for freedom more intensely than other souls. The order-keeping systems around us and in our head then feel too boxed in. We want to breathe, live, love!

Other human beings then tell us that in order to be “normal” we have to adapt. As particularly sensitive and open-hearted human beings, we are supposed to watch television with violence or news with fear because the others do it too?

We are supposed to suffer just because everyone else is suffering?

We should live less intuitively and openly (yin) because order and discipline (yang) are still seen as the only right way? We are supposed to adhere 1:1 to mental restrictions and systems that seem senseless, because the others do it too?

We are also supposed to restrict ourselves in our particularly strong, completely natural gift of multidimensional love, because everyone else does it that way? Or, because the fears of the lack of security cannot be overcome because so few others are trying to do it?

Who maintains purity

Only very few angelic humans can still remember their imaginary (angelic?) friends they always had around them before, after the strict, mathematical and logical (yang) school and education time.

They often feel alone, even if they are surrounded by many human beings. The inner contact is missing, we miss our dearest friends without knowing it, because we don’t even know that they exist anymore! They were talked out of us and trained away.

Even later in life, it is often about money, being right and perpetual fights against each other, sometimes because of misunderstandings or lack of understanding, because we do not feel enough heart connection with each other.

The yin was lost for many. Thus, they also lost their access to their angelic powers.

Those who find a balanced way through the daily tribulations and challenges of the “normal” world can consider themselves lucky. If the inner purity is preserved and the inner yin is accepted and integrated, if the inner child is also allowed to come into play in a balanced way, and above all: if we are allowed to be free, then we can go further and further along this path of sensitivity, empathy and open, wide, unconditional love.

If we can do this, we will come into our full power in these exciting first years of the New World.


As an intuitive author, I feel the inner unity with my spirit guides Natushohin, a star traveller, and Darna, an angelic being. This helps me manifest the words that answer my inner questions while writing.