Divine Will and Human Will

From a certain perspective, I have been able to learn in recent years and months to become better and better at no longer needing anything, no longer having to do anything, only being allowed to BE. Letting go and accepting.

The stories then develop by themselves in my environment, I can sit back and watch, complete, inner letting go and accepting. Then things usually feel as if they were already written down that way in a prophecy story, we turn the pages and follow our fastest way back into the loving light.

I call this the divine dance of least resistance. It needs no manipulation and no games, but a lot of sensing, perceiving and accepting. In our heart center we find the point of nonduality, and out of this nothingness and everything we create the world around us together.

The intention of our direction of growth helps us on our way: Are we getting a bit closer to our inner center and our most sacred, innermost love with our daily being?

Or are we moving away?

As long as the direction is right, all is well. If it is not right, we need some time and rest for us to find our most perfect alignment, which will lead us further and further into our sacred center.

When we are aligned with our innermost heart center, the pace is a matter of taste. So even two very different souls can grow together, each at their own pace, but aligned to the same goal.

This is the higher conscious or “divine” perspective that I internalize in my daily life and live as best I can.

Parallel to this I live another perspective: As a human being I have physical, mental and spiritual needs for water and food, security and well-being, communication and exchange as well as closeness, sensuality and love with other souls.

I wrote a whole book about this human perspective, as a PDF it is free: Hooray, I am Human!

From the perspective of the all-accepting mini-Goddess or the accepting mini-God, I don’t need closeness, I don’t need love. I am that within myself.

As a human being I am looking for it: Closeness, security and love, giving and receiving.

This is a lived contradiction.

How do we deal with such a parallel perception? Do we renounce closeness because we find it more “sacred”, because we have moved too far away from our humanity, or perhaps because we have grown fond of the binding lines on our wings? They seem to want to give us security, but often only in our imagination.

I need closeness, yes. To experience it, however, there is only one path for me: the one into my innermost heart, my deepest longing, my innermost core.

When this light shines brightly enough, it brings into my life the human beings whose light frequencies fit me best and who also want to experience this closeness.

And if we are very fortunate and not only like each other but even find unconditional love for each other, then closeness and oneness can be sacred. All of a sudden, both perspectives fit together, the divine and the human.

She becomes the goddess, he becomes the god. Only then are we in our fullest power, and shining in our brightest light.

I love you. We love each other. We are one.


As an intuitive author, I feel the inner unity with my spirit guides Natushohin, a star traveller, and Darna, an angelic being. This helps me manifest the words that answer my inner questions while writing.