What is coming in 2023…?

No expectations. Everything will be new! We become mini gods.

When I asked my spirit guides Darna and Natushohin for more clarity to better understand what wants to happen at the beginning of 2023, I got some answers.

Because of my angelic gifts, I can see several growth opportunities and directions for my personal life path, I “remember” them as if I had already experienced them. And I have, because our past and our future take place simultaneously, in the zero point field of the eternal now.

Often these “memories” are very practical. Yesterday, for example, when writing a very emotional and clear text, I only had to let go completely, because while writing I remembered exactly this text and in this way had all the themes and stories ready that belonged to it.

My text was about experiencing a new unconditional love that outshines everything. It is a strange feeling when I recognize something and feel it within me, but have to keep most of the details to myself because telling anyone would immediately change the future. Other decisions would be made, because when self-determination is missing, a strongly developed ego likes to resist with all its might.

Love and the opening of our sacred heart chakra can be scary because we first become vulnerable before we become stronger. This fear feels uncomfortable. If we manage to go through it, it can lure us with one step into the great unknown and thus out of our usual comfort zone. We then come into our power and into our light, but that is exactly what we are usually most afraid of!

And what do I do when I see several parallel possible narrative strands of my life story? Which one do I prefer, which one do I get involved with a bit more? And how do I keep my focus without falling into the expectation trap that would destroy all chances of experiencing?

Clear but vague intentions without any expectations.

There is a big difference between inner wishful thinking and imaginings “remembered” from the future. But in both cases, things in life usually manifest best when we completely let go.

Non-attachment is therefore my biggest growth area right now, as an oracle card for this week already confirmed to me. Everything may be, everything may happen, everything will be good. I let go and accept.

Yes, there is some intention in my mind. But it’s more of an allowing and accepting as I sit back and watch smiling and loving how things are unfolding around me.

What’s coming in 2023? That will depend on how we set our expectation-free, undetermined intentions.

And it will depend on how much love we want to and will feel within ourselves.

We build the world, widdewidde, the way we want to.

This year we are creating a New World. The time of waiting and preparing is over for many of us. We have been shaken awake by waves of flu and media storms, we have changed, and now we realize: It is our time! Now we come into our power, into our light and into our deepest love, the one for ourselves, the one for other souls and for our spirit guides, and the higher dimensional or “divine” one.

Are these dream imaginings? No, intentions without expectations, coupled with an inner knowing that it will happen this way or a little differently.

Inner purity is becoming more and more important this year so that we don’t create unwanted ripples around us. The special thing about a pure and honest love: when we are anchored in it, we can literally create ANYTHING. We become (golden) mini goddesses and mini gods.

Will you also recognize your personal gifts of creation in 2023 and thus help to build the New World?

I love you. We love each other. We are one.

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As an intuitive author, I feel the inner unity with my spirit guides Natushohin, a star traveller, and Darna, an angelic being. This helps me manifest the words that answer my inner questions while writing.