We are mini gods-to-be

The question came up whether I would block out negativity from my horizon of consciousness. Yes, I do, through my natural inward growth quite automatically.

After I realized what world I was creating around me when I was still emotionally addicted to “alternative” media, I decided to increasingly focus my consciousness on my innermost, most sacred heart center.

With self-love I dissolved many of my fears, again and again. With love I recognized my self-destructive thought patterns, traced them whenever they were triggered. Only with love was I able to let go.

After the discarding of my body shell can no longer shock me, one fear has remained constant until now: that of my own perfect being of light. Experiences at shamanic ceremonies or in the dark retreat showed me my innermost, most sacred primal core, my innermost light. And I am afraid of this light, because I know and have felt that in this light is the whole universe.

Other people have other fears, that also changes depending on the phase of life. There was a time when I suffered from a certain paranoia. As I heard from a wise soul, this is supposed to be quite normal on the path of awakening, almost everyone would have it sometimes.

For several months I was pretty convinced someone was watching me. At one point I even waved to clearly indicate that I knew. It was the most logical and sensible explanation for what I was seeing.

Later I learned: No, they are here to protect me! But then they were already gone and never came back.

I didn’t need them anymore, my guardians or protectors. I had learned to reshape my universe as I needed it best for my growth path at a particular time.

We create our life situations here on Gaia, she provides us with the space of consciousness as a higher dimensional cloud sharing internet and we can build our own growth stories as we wish to our heart’s content.

That is the theory. In truth, physical addictions, emotional demons and thought monsters, thought patterns and routines, and often many fears and emotional trauma wounds hinder us in this free creation.

So we create our world mostly unconsciously, and maybe that’s not such a bad thing. The unconscious is the creative feminine within us. Together with our spirit guides, it is very well suited to keep presenting us with new, creative solutions to our outstanding learning experiences.

Do I want to create negativity?

No. So I’ve become more careful in my choice of mental and emotional “food intake.” If it’s an important situation perceived as threatening to me or my loved ones, then I’m very happy to look at the negatively polarized stories, with heart and mind.

After I have dealt with an issue, I put it back to rest. Then I go back to my inner balance, find my love. Because with an excessively negatively polarized consciousness, I can create less growth-promoting new things.

Where would we be together now if three decades ago we had already equipped the media with growth-promoting content instead of fear-inducing distraction programs?

With my fears I look more closely

I take one category of negatively polarized feelings and thoughts particularly seriously: Every fear can become a great and fast growth opportunity if we actively work with it.

First we have to notice it. This is sometimes the most difficult thing. Most of the time, part of us doesn’t want to notice it, perhaps because it feels painful. Possibly it could be opening up old emotional wounds that we’re not ready for right now. That’s okay.

We can put off processing them until they come up in our lives again. And over and over again. Gaia presents us with these opportunities for growth as new offerings again and again, until we are ready to open and accept the gifts within.

Let’s go through the fear: Can we assign it to a region in the material or astral body, can we feel it? Then we feel it. Let’s accept it for a moment.

And then let it go. Just like that. With the next exhalation we can give it back to Gaia. If the fear comes again later, I repeat it a few times, until it doesn’t come back.

This turns fear processing into an energetic workout, and Gaia offers us a first-class training ground for this inner work.

In order to become healers and creators, we have to go through our fears, otherwise they will eventually hang on our leg like a lead log and prevent our further growth. We can choose the right time to heal (water), integrate (earth), transform (fire) or dissolve (air).

Let us always do it in the way that suits us best. But usually our spirit guides know quite well how much we can take, so let’s also learn to trust, let go and accept.

Dear mini goddesses and mini gods: Happy creating! Now comes our time.

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As an intuitive author, I feel the inner unity with my spirit guides Natushohin, a star traveller, and Darna, an angelic being. This helps me manifest the words that answer my inner questions while writing.