The shamanic healing powers of angelic humans

The white lily opened its blossom on the day of my writing, I took the photo at night. White lilies are one of the most important flower symbols of Christianity and represent beauty, purity, fertility, transformation, new beginning/rebirth and devotion.

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In front of my inner eyes I see angel people with beautiful shamanic hair decoration, with feathers and natural-colored ribbons, like the dream catcher hanging above my bed.

It suits them, because they are energetic healers, shamanic goddesses and gods of a very special class. If we are sensitive enough to the finer vibrations, we can feel their very special healing power in a loving embrace with them. It pulsates. It vibrates. It tingles. In a miraculously soothing way.

Even a touch with the hand is beneficial for sensitive people. They carry a light and loving power within them that cannot be felt so intensely in most other humans.

Many angelic humans know about their special effect, especially on humans of the other polarity. To avoid trouble, some try to hide their power. They either keep more to themselves, or they mix into larger groups, the pendulum swings out to the extremes.

Some angelic humans find it difficult to feel and communicate their own boundaries. Thus, they often attract relationship partners with whom they can – or must – practice their boundary setting in order to avoid emotional injury.

But their strongest power angels unfold in intensive contact with another human. Their healing powers have been appreciated for thousands of years, whether consciously or unconsciously, some people feel it and follow the call.

An angelic human, once awakened in the heart, is (thanks to angels!) difficult to tame: After each new awakening, each new heart initiation, she or he will henceforth love more intensely than before. First always the own inner heart center, and from there the whole universe and the souls for which the angelic human wants to open him or herself.

Some angelic humans are cautious about their sexuality or conscious sensuality. Their miraculous powers are well known to them and they have great respect for them. In their eighth angelic dimension, these energies are just bubbling away! But on earth it needs a lot of time to understand and to be able to use the special inner powers.

In their actions, angelic humans search for their balance over and over again. Some seek this in the silence within themselves, others involve other souls in the process, and perhaps a partner who comes from the opposite direction, an ascending one. Together they begin the journey home.

When an angelic human can let go and accept completely, her or his heart center opens like a white lily. With beautiful fragrance. In love they find their way, back to their “magical” realm in the eighth dimension, where the WE consciousness is celebrated in radiant bright light.

This text was inspired, among other things, by the song Machi by Peia Luzzi. The word describes Mapuche priest doctors, they are described as healers, counselors and energetic protectors.


As an intuitive author, I feel the inner unity with my spirit guides Natushohin, a star traveller, and Darna, an angelic being. This helps me manifest the words that answer my inner questions while writing.