“Gaia’s Awakening” – spiritual Telegram game

We create anew now, from within ourselves. We find ourselves when we practice letting go, acceptance and gratitude.

We know this, but we don’t always do it and then wonder about stress stemming from it, dramas and illnesses, fears and worries or energy-sapping thought carousels.

Do we play and find ourselves anew?

We are currently developing a Telegram game where we will help you for free for one lunar cycle to let go and accept and move more into your gratitude. You can choose a life theme of your choice, or you can practice intuitively for whatever comes up.

You follow the story of Gaia’s awakening day by day, and if you want to and it feels good, you join the little exercises and experiences.

As soon as you send back the participation code of a game mission, you will be credited with game points and sometimes there will be additional inspirations as a thank you for participating.

This game is about you

…and about the loving WE that we are together.

Soon we will present a crowdfunding campaign to make this joint project possible. We are happy even with only one euro, because it means for us, you find our project super and are looking forward to it. As a “financial supporter” you are of course at the source and will be the first to know as soon as it starts!


The “Golden Angel”
Fluffy Angels 08
Shamanic Angel Cat 02

More angel art…