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In our world of love, we are used to finding a partner for the whole. EVERYTHING must be right: Appearance, weight, height, figure, shape and size of genitals, smell, taste, hobbies, eating habits, career prospects, desire for children, and whatnot.

With so many mental specifications that must interact and fit, the chances of experiencing healing, conscious love, closeness or sensuality are very slim.

Or to put it another way, only when we have decided 100% for a human being to whom we want to commit ourselves fully, are we able to experience conscious, inner healing love, closeness or sensuality.

So it always has to be like winning the lottery: We choose a dream princess or prince to be our new partner, and the other way around it fits just as well. What a rare moment! We then call this “romantic”.

And what if we don’t want a firm, romantic relationship with each other?

Why don’t we allow variations in our minds?

Why only black and white when the world is full of colors?

Anna and Bertram cuddle, and Charly and Desirée embrace for a long time. Simply because it feels good for both of them. Esben hugs and holds Francesca, but maybe neither wants it the other way around because it feels better that way.

With one soul, we might want to hold hands sometimes. Simply because it feels so good for both of them.

An eye meditation together, with which we can experience our deep love for each other in nine intense minutes or longer?

Or would we like to touch a soul, but receive no or only a few touches back at the moment? Maybe it is different another time, just as it is felt in that moment?

And how is it when only one soul remains lightly clothed?

There are so many variations and colors in experiencing loving, inner healing love, closeness and sensuality, why do we limit ourselves to experience all of this in only one type of romantic relationship? With the lottery win?

Why don’t we discover ourselves and our love for another anew, in a playful, loving, honest, sensual way?

Do we dare to be this open with each other, when we lovingly and honestly communicate what we like and what we don’t?

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As an intuitive author, I feel the inner unity with my spirit guides Natushohin, a star traveller, and Darna, an angelic being. This helps me manifest the words that answer my inner questions while writing.